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oh the joys of ginseng
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9th-Sep-2008 10:36 pm - every aching wound
OTH - L - Alone in a Crowded Room
I'm back real quick with a tiny update. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Seriously, I thought that I would have more time this summer, but shit happens and I don't have any time at all. And what little time I do have I spend catching up on sleep. Seriously, I walk around looking like an anti-drug commercial 90% of the time because I'm so sleep deprived. Anyhoo, so I apologize for my absence. :( I miss you guys! Anyhoo, I've got 36 Twilight icons and 33 Veronica Mars icons. On top of that I've got a Supernatural wallpaper, 2 Twilight wallpapers, and 3 One Tree Hill wallpapers. Enjoy. :)

last night i fell in love without youCollapse )
JAJP - Hearts
So this is my Twilight post. I've been reading the books. Well I finished them. In like...4 days. I was seriously hooked on every word. Hard to read at times what with everything I was going through whilst reading them. But they were amazing! And I'm so excited (sort of) for the movie. I'm really afraid it's going to ruin the books. HOWEVER, I'm damned excited for the next book! Who's going to pick up her copy at midnight? That would be me. That's right. I'm so excited. lol. Anyhoo, I have a number of different things here. I have 37 icons of Twilight. Nothing really spoilery; stuff from the trailer and stuff from that extra scene that's floating around out there. And then I have a really random Chase Crawford wallpaper -- 2 versions. And THEN I have a Twilight fanmix, which takes place throughout New Moon.

*As always, now, i won't be posting downloads for the songs in the mix. However, i have linked you to youtube for a listen.

hold your breath because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you over againCollapse )

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29th-Jun-2008 09:30 pm - i sleep alone
JAJP - Hearts
OKAY! I'm back with icons! They've been building up for about a year now. Well...9 months or so. They're my babies. lol. Anyhoo, so I have a few. Not that many because I haven't made any since forever ago. But anyhoo, I decided to just post them all. I'm sick of having them out in the open on my comp (I have a weird organization theme here...). So...here we are. Icons galore. 98 Supernatural icons. 51 P.S. I Love You and Gerard Butler icons. I also have 2 One Tree Hill wallpapers and 4 other pieces of art that I made. I went through a very hard time this year with just...well just everything really. Being away from my family really got to me this year and being away from my boyfriend killed me. So...there are a few pieces here that reflect those feelings. I hope you like them. They're pretty much unlike anything I've ever done. I explain the emotion behind them underneath the pieces. And then I have a One Tree Hill animation that ties in with the whole "I'm all alone" theme of the other pieces. lol. It was tough time. But I'm good now. So don't worry about me. :D

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[98] Supernatural icons
[51] P.S. I Love You and Gerard Butler icons
[2] One Tree Hill wallpaper
[4] Art pieces. You'll see...I have no idea what to call them.
[1] One Tree Hill animation

18th-Aug-2007 02:13 am - Members Only
JAJP - Hearts
members only.

due to a hotlinking (and lack of credit) situation, this community is now members only. i really didn't want to do this, but...shit happens.

34 icon examples as of August 18, 2007
6 picspam examples as of August 14, 2007

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Join the fun?

26th-Apr-2007 06:21 pm - why you look so sad?
JAJP - Hearts

Every 3 Seconds A Person Dies From AIDS, Poverty, And Starvation.
6,000 children are orphaned every day because of AIDS. If all these children held hands, they would stretch the United States over 5 times. By 2011, they'd be able to make it around the world.
Uneducated people, with inadequet health care and unreliable sources, believe in myths that resolutely end up leading their lives into AIDS and HIV.
870 Million people in the world are illiterate, out of 3.4 billion adults. That's one in four people.
1.2 BILLION, 20% of the world population, live on one single dollar a day. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, 302 million live off that.
In 2001, the US Government only dedicated 0.11% of their/our gross domestic product to foreign aid.

One.org isn't asking you for you money. They're asking for your voice.

By visiting the website by clicking the banner, and signing their Declaration, you are one more person helping to fight the most important cause in the world: saving the lives of billions of people who live with no food, no water, no clothes, in homes the size of a tent that has to fit 13 people, mostly children affected by AIDS or Malaria.

If you choose to give money, that's amazing. You can buy a wristband and wear it with pride, or even their shirts. You can sign up to be a volunteer, dedicating time to physically help this cause, rather than just signing their declaration or donating money. You yourself can make a difference to help billions of people all over the world. Including in your own backyard.

Spread the word. This shouldn't be kept quiet! You have the chance to make a difference in so many lives. Lives of children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, families.

This was posted by callmeadreamer @ bruisedcreation.

17th-Jun-2006 01:08 pm(no subject)
JAJP - Hearts
If you would like to Affiliate Green Tea Grafix, please post here with your "fandoms" (eg: Alias, Rent, Veronica Mars, etc.) and what you tend to make (eg: Icons, Header, Banners, etc.). Also, please post in your comment the journal you would like me to affiliate. I almost never deny anyone, so as long as we have one fandom in common, you're pretty much set.


17th-Jun-2006 12:44 pm(no subject)
JAJP - Hearts
This is the Suggestion Box. Here you can feel free to suggest what fandom, what piece, whatever you would like that I should make next. I will often refer here for ideas as to what people would like to see next.

need some examples?Collapse )

Please don't feel as if you have to stay within my "fandoms." I love anything with color, so suggest whatever your heart desires. If you're feeling escpecially generous, you could provide pictures, but only if you would like.

However, This is not a request post. I will not have a request post open all the time. This is to mean that just because you suggest it, doesn't mean you get "rights" to it. Everything I make will be sharable to everyone, unless otherwise stated. I will most likely do request posts every so often, but they will have their own set of rules. If you really need to ask me for something, just post in the most recent entry.

Thanx in advance! Suggest away!

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